Finger Vein Recognition Embedded Module


Finger vein Recognition Embedded MODULE


  • High-accuracy and high-speed fingerprint identification technology
  • Near Infrared light beam
  • 1.1 verfiication; 1:N identification
  • No latent prints behind ont he scanning surface
  • No affected by weather or age related effectson the skin surface
  • Reading & writing finger vein image from /to the device
  • Simple UART communication protocol


CPU ARM Cortex M3 Core (XT1000)
Light Beam Near Infrared
Algorithm Matching Verify (1 : 1) or Identify (1 : N)
Enrollment Time < 1 sec.
No. of Finger Vein 500/ 1000 finger vein images
FAR/ FRR False acceptance rate (FAR)< 0.0001% / False rejection rate (FRR)<0.01%
Interface UART (3.3V TTL)
Operating Voltage 3.3V
Operating Current 90 ~ 130mA
Standby Current 3 uA
Operating Temperature -25oC ~ 70oC
Module Dimension 83.5 (L) x 52.6 (W) x 38.2 (H) mm